Company introduction

CS Corporation Will present a happy word with customers.

Environment Management

CS Corporation is fulfilling social responsibility for environmental protection by continuously practicing eco-friendly corporate management by establishing an efficient environmental management system.


Realization of Customer Satisfaction through Effective Environmental System Deployment

  • · Build the Environmental Systems that Comply with     the Requirements (KS A/ISO 14001)
  • · Maintaining / Improving the Environmental   Management System in consideration of       Environmental Aspects in the Product Process
  • · Provide the Best Environment and Services through     Continuous Environmental Improvement Efforts

Environment Policy

Efficient Resource Management and Ability Improvement

  • · Elimination of Waste Elements and Preservation of     the Environment through Systematic Resource   management
  • · Human Resources and Ability Development through   Continuous Education


Enhancing the Corporate Structure by Activating Environmental Conservation Activities

  • · Prevention of Environmental Pollution through   Environmental Conservation Activities
  • · Compliance with Environmental Laws and Other   Requirements
  • · Preserving the Environment by Creating Personal   Experience with Know-How

Management of Conflict Minerals

CS Corporation actively support the policy of prohibiting the use of conflict minerals to prevent environmental pollution, human damage human rights violations in conflict areas such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa and CS is striving to comply with it.

What is Regulation of Conflict Minerals?

As part of economic sanctions to eradicate social problems such as human rights abuses, child labor exploitation and sexual assault in African conflict zones (10 Countries including DR Congo), the four minerals mined in these regions, mainly developed countries (3TG: Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold) are regulated as conflict minerals, and restricts the us of conflict minerals to prevent the inflow of mining funds to rebel military funds.

Effort of CS Corporation

1. CS Corporation will endeavor to ensure that conflict minerals associated with armed forces in the conflict zone are not included in the supply chain for the production of our products.

2. CS Corporation will endeavor to raise awareness of our business partners to ban the use of conflict minerals, and we will work to establish the foundation for cooperation.

3. As a company that fulfills social responsibilities, CS Corporation will actively participate in international efforts to prohibit the use of conflict minerals with our customers and partners.