Company introduction

CS Corporation Will present a happy word with customers.

CEO Greetings

CS Corporation firmly promise to endeavor to increase the happiness of all Customer and Shareholders.

CS Corp., since its foundation in 1999, has been holding the prominent position as a global communication equipment specialist in the field of mobile telecommunication repeaters, delivering trust and value to domestic and foreign customers through constant research and development and investment.

In keen development competition with domestic and foreign outstanding players, CS Corp. has provided the solution to maximize performance and efficiency under the conviction to build up a solid foothold in the communication equipment industry. Moreover, CS Corp. has repeated growth pursuing differentiation by shrewd new-product-development to meet customer’s needs.

Now and forever, CS Corp. will gear up for the future with invoking “Creative Solution” to design better future through sustained research and development and management innovation in telecommunication equipment business area. In addition, CS Corp. will practice robust ethical and transparent management and grow into the company with healthy financial structure.

Thereby, CS Corp. will promise faithfully to boost happiness of all our customers and shareholders to CS Corporation

  CEO   Kyu-hoon  Choi