Company introduction

CS Corporation Will present a happy word with customers.

Company Vision

The Core Value of CS

The core value that CS pursues is to promote the happiness of all stakeholders related to CS.

Specific image of faith to Pursue the core value of CS

Continuous Profit Creation

CS aims to become a permanent company.
To this end, CS make continuous and developmental profit creation top priority, and seek to provide enduring value to stakeholders by using the created profits.

Highest Technology and Innovative Products

CS aims to provide value from customers to contribute to the development of society and humanity. 
To this end, CS always aim for the highest level of technology, constantly pursue innovation and challenges for products required for the development of customers, society and humanity.

Satisfaction of Shareholders and Customers

CS pursues the satisfaction of shareholders and customers.  
Shareholder satisfaction is realized through increased corporate value through responsible management. Customer satisfaction is pursued to satisfy customers by responding appropriately to their needs.

Rational Corporate Culture and Creative Talent Development

CS values common sense, principles and pursues the corporate culture where transparency and rationality are common. 
In addition, CS believe that the development of creative human resources is the way to coexist with the development of the company and the members.

Social Contribution

CS believes that the driving force of the company’s development is obtained from customers as well as members of society. 
CS pursue profits, but is not against society’s interests and always consider about give back to society.