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CS Corporation has developed this Code of Ethical Conduct in order to make the standards of value-judgment and conduct with the firm trust that we can grow up all together with customer, shareholder, subcontract and local community through transparent and ethical management.

Chapter 1. Fundamental responsibility

We give it our best on research and development, and develop innovative technologies and leading products in order to contribute a safe and bountiful life an human cultivation development.
Also we will follow the free and fair competition with competitor in obedience to regulations of appropriate area in the all business activities of the world

1. Creation of the top-class product
A. We continuously develop new ways to meet customer needs and supply the top class product to the customer in order to contribute a safe and bountiful life an human cultivation development.
B. We always keep in mind that we will create the new value continuously through constant innovation and research & development Obedience of regulations

2. Compliance with applicable law
A. CS Corporation will obey the all of the regulation of the countries and local area in which we operate and respect the culture and social values like custom.
B. Overseas sales person should be well-informed of the local regulation and culture and observe them.

3. Fair competition
A. According to the rules of open competition, CS will respect the market competition order anywhere regardless of domestic and foreign.markets and we will have the advantage by fair competition.
B. We will fulfill the competition in good faith without fear or favor and pursuit of competition on the basis of mutual respect with rival companies.
Moreover, we will not infringe on the benefit of competitor and we will not use the weakness unfairly.

Chapter 2. Customer Respect

We will keep in mind that customer satisfaction is our real goal and we will listen to our customer supply the high quality service and convenience from the customer point of view.
Furthermore, we strive to get the firm trust from the customer by creating useful value to customer constantly

1. Customer Respect
We serve our customers' needs. We listen to our customers and continue to meet our commitment to our customers.We must humbly accept the opinions of our customers We will consider customer satisfaction as our top priority standards of our judgment and actitivies.

2. Customer service
A. We will serve the customer requirements rapidly with pleasant
B. We will promise to stick to the fact to the customer and keep the promise with customer scrupulously.

3. Safeguard of customer interest
A. We will let customer know that they should know or we have to open public to customer actively.
B. We will give our best shot to avoid the damage to the customer by product fault.
C. In case that we would obtain the information related to the customer, we must not accept to leak that information without prior consent from the customer and use this information to another usage, either

Chapter 3. Coexistence and co-prosperity with subcontractor

All subcontractors can have equal participation opportunity.
And we will pursue the co-prosperity with subcontractor on the basis of mutual trust through fair and transparent trae.

1. Fair trade
A. No extra benefit is considered except company benefit in the trade with subcontractor.
B. In the all of business with subcontractor, any activities which can be influenced to decision making is prohibited.
C. The subcontract selection and registration should be performed according to objective and fair evaluation.
D. No misconduct which is abused by the superiority power and dominant position is accepted.

2. Bribes and entertainment
A. Any form of a gift like cash, gift card, clothes or discount coupon, is prohibited regardless of its value (if it is inevitable case, all employee should report this to their superior.)
B. The customary expense for congratulations and condolences is acceptable but it must be reported to superior or manager as a type of an ex post facto report.
C. Entertainment is not permitted as a general rules.(However, it is inevitable case to perform the business, the amount can’t be exceeded 30,000 won per person/total 200,000 won and it should be reported to superior or manager.
D. Receiving the transportation fee or accommodation on the business tip is prohibited and given the facility for the private purpose from the subcontracted is prohibited strictly as well.

3. Other unfair activities
A. CS prohibits all of the debt transaction including borrowing or debt surety with subcontract without regard of company business
B. The gambling with employee of subcontract is prohibited.
C. It is unpermitted to take the stock or property of subcontractor directly/indirectly.
D. The trading with subcontract which is related with employee or relatives of employee is prohibited except with prior approval of the company officially.
E. The dual employment to the subcontract is forbidden.
F. With regard to business, no education, job placement or conclusion of contract from the subcontract or the person concerned is accepted.

Chapter 4. The responsibility for the country and society

We will do our best to contribute to the development of country and society through the healthy enterprise management with full responsibility as a corporate citizen.

1. Contribution to country and society
A. We will do our utmost to perform our role and obligation which is demanded as a member of country and society and seek the harmony with local communities and co-development
B. We will do our utmost to contribute to the national development from making work program and tax payment
C. We will encourage the employee to participate the sound social activity in order to contribute the social development.

2. Transparency of management information
A. We will make public the company financial information to shareholder and the persons concerned according to the related to the law earnestly.
B. We will keep the transparent and accurate financial materials according to generally accepted accounting standards.

3. Prohibition of political activity
A. This company will not have a part in politics and all activities related to the politic is not accepted in the company.
B. The point of view of each employee will be respected but employees are not allowed to be expressed that their opinion is a political position of company.

4. Protection of the environment and safety
A. On the business activities we will consider the protection of environment as a top priority and observe the environmental standards of the countries and area in which we operate.
B. To keep the pleasant and safe office environment, we will make the clearing office of our lie and observe the safety standards thoroughly under any circumstances
C. We will do our best to minimize the wasteful consumption of resource.

5. Social contribution movement
A. We will contribute social development by encouraging employee to attend the sound community service.
B. We will support the active community service of employees by creating institutional methods.

Chapter 5. The respect of shareholders

We are under obligation and responsibility to give our best effort to create the profit for shareholders which trust the company.

1. We will make efforts to protect the investment returns of shareholder by profit through sound business activities.
2. The employees are not allowed to have an eye to private benefit by exploiting internal information on the position of company.
3. Company will endeavor to make company value high by public announcement of company information, IR and PR in order to boost the investment returns of shareholders.
4. We will not do anything against profit of shareholders.

Chapter 6. The company responsibility for the employees

The company will offer the best effort to create the pleasant condition to be able to do their best on their work with worthy and pride and cultivate the challenging and creative people of talented.

1. Respect for employees
A. The company will respect the personal personality and basic human rights with trust and attraction.
B. The company will try to make employees accomplish their goal with price based on the ownership.
C. The company will establish the system in order to enable the employees to be faithful to their duties and seek for the necessary measurement like education, guide.

2. Human Resources
A. The company will actively support to cultivate the challenging and creative talented personnel.
B. The superior has to give their best guide and advice in consideration of the aptitude and talent in order to grow the excellent junior staff up.

3. Fair treatment
A. The company will respect the individual personality and thought and give the change to enhance their ability regardless of regionalism, kinship, gender, religion, age and marriage.
B. The company will compensate the ability and business result of employees according to justice evaluation.

4. Gathering the complaints
A. We will establish the system which anyone of the employees can voice their complaints about their opposite view or unfair task which is violated to the healthy social ethic. And all of our efforts will be basis to accomplish the mature group culture.
B. We will make the environment which employees can suggest and propose their opinion freely and express their complaints.

Chapter 7. The basic ethics of employees

The employees of CS should perform their responsibility and obligation in order to keep their honor and dignity and healthy practice and organizational culture.
1. Keeping the honor and dignity
The employees should always try to keep the honor of company with elegant linguistic habits, neat
dress and polite behavior keeping.

2. The sense of responsibility
A. The employees have to recognize their authority and responsibility clearly and make a decision in the given authority in order to be correspondent to the pursued goal of company.
B. The employees must anticipate the possible risk by their decision making and behavior and have a sense of responsibility for arisen problem.

3. The fair performance of the duties
A. All duties should be performed fairly and in case that there is no company regulation or the regulation is unclear the transparent and reasonable duties performance is required.
B. Employees are prohibited to take any type of monetary advantage which can hinder the fairness regarding their duties from the person concerned.
C. No employees are permitted to use the property or facilities of company for personal purpose and they have a duty to consider the benefit of company as a top priority at any time during their duties.
D. Unethical or illegal activities are not allowed to all of the employees in relation to daily life and their duties.

4. Forbidden of dishonesty
A. No employees shall furnish service to, for any specific business purpose, any improper bribe like a gift, travel expense or treat to any external someone directly/indirectly.
B. No employees shall seek or receive, for personal or any other person’s gain, any improper payment or gratuity like a gift, travel expense or treat from anybusiness enterprise directly/indirectly.

5. The wholesome fellowship
A. Each CS employees should confirm to etiquette in the working life mutually.
B. The superior will not order the unreasonable job regardless of work to the junior staff.
C. No all of any sexual harassment, abuses, slander, insults, negative prejudice, hostile language to the colleague are permitted.
D. Except the activation of organization or family event, gift supply, monetary transaction, guarantee of debt, joint surety among the employees are not allowed.

6. The wholesome organizational culture
A. Employees shall not make the disharmony among the organization or spoil the healthy organizational culture by forming a clique based on the kinship, regionalism or school relationship.
B. Employees shall not request any type of excessive demand which can be influential in decision making with regard to other person’s duties.
C. Irrelevant activities with work like game, gambling using internal information system are strictly prohibited.
D. Smoking out of designated location, gambling in the company is not allowed strongly.

7. Security of customer information and internal information
A. Employees should not disclose the customer information or internal information to 3rth parties without prior consent from the customer.
B. The subcontract information which is regarded as company secrets should not be revealed to the person who is unauthorized.
C. The internal information including sales and management information should not be leaked without prior approval from the company during their tenure of office or on retirement.

8. Prohibition of Insider trading and information utilization
A. Employees shall not buy/sell the stocks and provide the information to outside who can trade using inside information which is not known the general public as closed secrets of company.
B. All employees may have access to information for their work but they shall not reveal that information without prior verification and they have to verify that any information they are sharing or acting upon is public information.

9. protection of intellectual property rights of company
A. Employees have to try to keep the intellectual property right of company and they have to acquire the prior permission or approval when proving them to 3rd party.
B. Illegal obtention about secret of other people or other company is not permitted.
C. Employees should respect the 3rd party’s property like patent, copy right or trademark rights. And they shall not harm the company by intentional invasion or misuse of the secrets.

10. self-improvement
A. Employees should make a constant endeavour to establish the right value and acquire the expert knowledge and advanced technologies keeping pace with the Era of internationalization and liberalization.

Chapter 8. Obligation of Code of Ethics

1. Obedient obligation
Regardless of the position, each of CS employees should obey this Code of Ethics sincerely and is responsible for the violations. Consequences for violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct may very depending upon the severity of the violation, but in some cases may result in disciplinary.

2. Prevention of recurrence
In case that the violation of Code of Ethics is occurred, identification of cause and education is required in order to prevent recurrence.

3. Report of violations
A. The high pressure of violation of Code of Ethics or recognition should be reported to appropriate board members or director or register them to “SORIHAM” in the website anonymously.